There will be two paid for workshops in Berlin.

“From Aroma Ingredients to Flavourings” is a full day (split over Monday and Tuesday afternoons).

“Fragrance Creation” is a half day on Wednesday afternoon.

See below for information on both.

From Aroma Ingredients to Flavourings

Dr Michael Zviely will lead this year’s Flavour Workshop which will run over two half days – on Monday and Tuesday afternoons. Attendees are required to attend both Monday and Tuesday afternoon to complete the full workshop – this leaves the mornings free to attend our lecture programme, attend meetings, visit the exhibition, and network.

Cost to attend: Members: €300, Non-Members €350 – you must have a delegate ticket in order to book your place on the workshop.

Workshop overview

Introduction: The Chemical Senses – Odour, Taste and Flavour
The sense of taste contributes to human and animals’ ability to estimate the benefit their body will gain or the damage it will cause from its consumption. The flavour combination of food is processed in the brain and stimulates pleasure, satisfaction or aversion. Odours are the result of absorbing volatile molecules via the nose, yet psychological factors can also affect the sense of smell, as well as affecting other senses. The sense of smell is the most evolutionary primordial sense and its neurons are directly connected to the odour centre in the brain. Some odours, like perfumes and flowers, are very much desired and hold a great diversity in the cosmetics, body care, and toiletry markets. Flavour and fragrance materials are added to food and beverages in order to design their taste and odour. In addition to natural products, there are many synthetically based odourants

Flavours and Fragrances – Market and Product Groups
This will cover the worldwide chemical market, international businesses and their traits, and SMEs in the flavour and fragrance industry, as well as sales and marketing.

The following products will be presented – plant extracts, essential oils, along with flavouring and fragrance ingredients. Global flavours and fragrances houses.

It will also include a multi-year projection of the global market for fragrances and flavours, as well as information on the key market factors and anticipated growth, significant market trends, and global consumer preferences in the food, beverage, cosmetics, and body care sectors.

Maillard Reaction Products, Seasonings, Condiments, and Savoury Flavourings
The presentation will cover the timeline of flavour research and development before defining flavouring and outlining its structure. discussing different flavour varieties, their preparation, and compositions, as well as masking and manipulating flavours. Attendees will learn about the Maillard reaction, seasonings and condiments, savoury flavours, and carriers.

Flavour Creation – Main Principles

  • The main targets of flavour creation.
  • The dual structure of flavouring.
  • Building a flavour formulation from characteristic, contributory and differential items.
  • The diluent portion and its importance in a flavouring.
  • Key concepts in flavour creation:
    • Flavouring composition and hypotheses.
    • Flavour formulation examples.
    • New AI based algorithm for digitising flavourings.

Sweetening Agents and Sweet Taste Modifiers
The sweeteners used in the food and beverage industry will be covered in this section, along with their impact on public health and policy, as well as methods and strategies for changing the sweetness of a product utilising cutting-edge techniques.

About the Workshop Leader

Dr Michael Zviely, PhD

Dr Michael Zviely completed his Ph.D. and Post-Doc at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He then headed a research group for TAMI (ICL) for almost ten years, and then spent eleven years at FRUTAROM (now IFF) as Global VP for Research, Development and Science. After that, he worked for a few years in China as the CTO for Research and Development of O’LAUGHLIN Corp. (Shanghai), specialising in aroma chemicals – flavour and fragrance ingredients, botanical extracts, cooling agents and UV sunscreen ingredients. Then he was a Director at SDA SPICES (now TURPAZ) board in Israel. This period was followed by three years as VP for Research and Development of VIRDIA Inc. (now STORA-ENSO) in Israel and in the USA, a company which develops lignocellulose originated bio-materials. In parallel, he held a visiting Professorship at JiangNan University in China for five years, and then he was the VP for Business Development for aroma chemicals at Jiangsu GS in China. Dr. Zviely has published more than 20 patents, over 60 articles and chapters in monographs, and numerous speeches and presentations at national and international events.

Today Dr. Zviely is a co-founder of MAMAY Technologies, developing a universal method and system for communicating sensations, which allows people to communicate their personal taste preferences in clear numerical scale, he is also a VP for R&D of ReSugar – making sweetness healthier by sugar reduction technology, in the advisory board of Strauss-Water – a technological leader in drinking water solutions, and in the advisory board at BlueTree, which develops a process for reducing sugars in fruit juices. Dr. Zviely is the owner of CIC which consults to companies on aroma chemicals, flavours and fragrances ingredients in Israel, Europe, USA, Russia, India and China.

Fragrance Creation Half Day Workshop

Workshop overview

Led by Marianne Martin, President of the British Society of Perfumers, the Fragrance Creation workshop will take place on Wednesday afternoon and will begin with an interactive introduction to the world of fragrance, including:

  • A brief history of fragrance
  • The psychology of fragrance perception
  • How essential oils have been the creative jewels in fine fragrances over the decades
  • How aroma molecules have given rise to modern perfumery
  • Fragrance families

Finally with this inspiration and knowledge the delegates will find their own creative juices – being guided to create and blend their own unique fragrances.

Cost to attend: Members: €175, Non-Members €250 – you must have a delegate ticket in order to book your place on the workshop.

About the Workshop Leader

Marianne Martin, BSP President

Marianne Martin is a perfumer or ‘nose’ and has been working in the fragrance industry for nearly 50 years, mostly from the UK but supplying markets around the world. She has had the honour of being President of the British Society of Perfumers in 2022-2023.

Since 2011 Marianne has enjoyed sharing her passion for perfumery with the next generation in various settings. These include the design and delivery of the perfumery unit for an MSc in Cosmetic Science and lectures on the Design with Scents short course, both for the London College of Fashion. She also gives her expertise for the perfumery module of the SCS diploma in Cosmetic Science. Marianne is a trained yoga teacher and practices meditation. She brings perfumery and the sense of smell into this aspect of her teaching. Smelling blotters in such sessions help to make the experience personal.

Marianne has an ongoing perfumery consultancy earthScentred.



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